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Customized consultation + surgery with NANA's specialists

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All in-person consultation is possible upon booking appointments😃 For overseas patients, our professional consultants offer personal online consultation. You can click 'CONTACT US' for online consultation. Please feel free to book whichever meets your needs :). What we offer : 1. Bridge augmentation (silicone, autologous or donated rib cartilage or dermofat) 2. Tip plasty (septal cartilage, ear cartilage) 3. Bridge & Tip (Full open or closed rhinoplasty) 4. Osteotomy 5. Hump removal 6. Alar base reduction 7. Rib cartilage rhinoplasty 8. Revision rhinoplasty 9. Male Rhinoplasty 10. Implant or Filler removal 11. Deviated nasal bone correction We offer other procedures such as nasolabial fold implant, paranasal augmentation, philtrum reduction, etc. Please see 'OTHER' category. Our doctor's are experienced with bulbous noses, Roman noses (hump), European high/big nose reduction, bulbous nose slimming, natural nose augmentation, etc. Feel free to ask us to recommend you the best possible combination of procedures for your desired nose shape. Recommended Doctors in order of higher experience: Dr. Kim Hyung Jung(Head Doctor) Dr. Kim Ilhwan Dr. Jang Seo Yoon Dr. Song Ho Sung Dr. Sung Seung Jeh All doctors are board certified plastic surgeons.

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Consultation cancellation - No restriction Surgery cancellation - Deposit refund is 100% if cancelled 7 days before surgery, 0% within 7 days.

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