Facial Contouring

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All doctor's consultation is possible by visiting the hospital in-person. For overseas patients our professional consultants offer personal online consultation. You can click 'CONTACT US' for online consultation. Please feel free to book whichever meets your needs :). What we offer : 1. V-line surgery (Angular Jaw correction, Full mandibular jaw reduction/correction) 2. Cheekbone reduction (Quick & fast recovery - single fix, Maximum front & side correction - double fix) 3. Chin surgery (Osteotomy, Genioplasty, Chin Implant) 4. Buccal fat removal, Facial fat grafting, facial fat removal, threadlifting. 5. Nasolabial fold implant/paranasal implant. 6. Forehead implant, forehead reduction. Recommended Doctors : Head Doctor Dr, HJ Kim Dr. ST Hong (3 - 5 only) Dr. SY Jang (4 - 5 only) All board certified plastic surgeons with experience.

Cancellation Policy

Consultation cancellation - No restriction Surgery cancellation - Deposit refund is 100% if cancelled 7 days before surgery, 0% within 7 days.