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  • 1 hour


All doctor's consultation is possible by visiting the hospital in-person. For overseas patients our professional consultants offer personal online consultation. You can click 'CONTACT US' for online consultation. Please feel free to book whichever meets your needs :). What we offer : 1. Eye lift surgery (for monolid eyes to create a crease) - incisional & non-incisional 2. Ptosis Correction (for sleepy looking eyes or half-closed eyes that cause headaches and forehead wrinkles from overuse of forehead to open eyes wider) - incisional & non-incisional 3. Blepharoplasty (for sagging, aged upper or lower eye area) 4. Mid-face lift (includes lower blepharoplasty) 5. Under-eye fat repositioning 6. Fat grafting or fat removal to eyelids/under-eye, skin removal 7. Canthoplasty, canthopexy (for wider eyes or to fix eye to a lower angle at the end corner) 8. Sub-brow lift 9. Canthoplasty reconstruction/revision Recommended Doctors in order of higher experience: Dr SH Park Head Doctor Dr HJ Kim Dr MS Jeong Dr ST Hong Dr SJ Sung Dr JS Choi Dr SY Park All doctors are board certified plastic surgeons with experiences.

Cancellation Policy

Consultation cancellation - No restriction Surgery cancellation - Deposit refund is 100% if cancelled 7 days before surgery, 0% within 7 days.