2021 spring Promotion

Terms and conditions apply.

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nana plastic surgery price discount (2).
Terms & Conditions of NANA Hospital's Spring Promotion in 2021

1. Deposit payment of 300 USD by May 31, 2021 is required to keep the offer (surgery booking possible under this price) until December 31, 2021. 
If you can come in for consultation within May 31 2021, you can decide to place deposit to book surgery after having face to face consultation with the doctor.
2. Agree to offer before & after pictures for 6 months (Front, 45 degrees, Side) & Write online reviews for NANA Hospital.
3. Allow NANA Hospital to use partially cropped/blurred before & after pictures (showing only the surgical area) for on/offline marketing.

4. Nana Hospital will not expose your name or entire face/identity. 

Please note that without deposit, current promotion offer is valid only until May 2021. Thank you :)

Nana Hospital's Deposit Refund Policy :

Cancelation of surgery and request of deposit

1 day before surgery - 10% refund
3 days before - 30% refund
5 days before - 50% refund
7 days before - 100% refund

No surgery was booked yet : 100% refund